Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Two Men and a Tent

Two men, Dan & Jim, were on mission to repair the center hole at the top of a party tent where one of the main support poles is placed. Here's their dilemma. How do they sew it with that volume of canvas? (Not on my machine!)First they placed it over the gurney, but couldn't figure out how that would work...then they placed it over the trash cans, thinking one of them would get inside the can and the other outside so they could pass the needle back and forth. Neither wanted to get in the can...They thought about draping it over the boats, where one of them would be under the the canvas...again, neither wanted to be in that position either. Then came the car idea, drive it to the back yard, open the windows, drape tent over car with sewing area positioned over the open window, one sits in the drivers seat, the other stands outside, passing the needle back and forth to sew the tent. Hmmm............

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Blogger Page Element

Blogger has a new page element under layout. Its a blogroll of your favorite blogs. I copied, pasted the URLs of Blogs I read to see how this works. You can see on the side bar it tells you the last update. I didn't delete the original list, I want to check it out for awhile. It is set to make the most recently updated blog top on the list., the other option is alphabetical.

Friday, June 06, 2008

The Rose

Sun painting project Two. I free motioned the outlines and veins of the leaves as well as the shape of the rose, added diagonal background lines then framed it a few strips from a recently purchased jelly roll. It's clickable fo a detailed view.

I like this so much I added it to my Blog Header!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sun Painting part Two

I want to improve on my free motion quilting skills, so I've been using these little sun images to play around with. I saw on Sue Reno's blog she used a plate of glass over the object. Granted she is using cyanotypes and heliographic prints where mine is Setacolor paint. I used coins to hold down the leaves, bad idea, after the fabric was dry, you can see all the round coin shapes on the leaf images.

PS...I forgot to mention Grandma is back home now. Dan and I went to visit her a few weekends ago, she has a dog, (it was Marty's) J.J. to keep her company. They are so cute together, J.J is very attached to her.