Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Laundry Room, Shoes, Daisy, Giraffes, Corona!

Last month we discovered a pipe leak in the laundry room. This required the drywall to be removed in a few sections, the wallpaper taken down, the floor ripped up, then a new wall, paint & floor. I don't have any before photos, but this is during and after.

Cutting mats and rotary rulers are great for cutting vinyl, who knew?

New floor half done.

Appliances back in place, we built new shelves for over the washer and dryer.

More new shelves, the furnace is behind the door.

Even more shelves, these are ClosetMaid wire racks, the baskets are from Home Goods, we use them for shoes.

Beth moved out of our house and in with a friend, these are just some of her shoes she packed in her car!

 When Danielle graduated from college, she brought home this little Pug, Daisy. I can't believe I'm actually posting dog photos, I'm not much of dog fan, but she has an awesome personality.

These are Danielle's Giraffes. She has been working on the project for well over a year and it's been on my design wall.

Her project on my table...

It was time to take back my wall and sewing table, so we made her a design wall! We covered it with 2 layers of batting because the board was pink and showed through.


A member of our sail club organized a purchase of used billboard canvases from Billboard Tarps. We choose if we wanted the back white or black. Most are using this to cover their boats for the winter, we are covering the top of our wood pile. When we unfolded it, it was a Corona ad, how fun is that!
The tarp is 11ft x 40 ft.

10 Foot Corona's 

Happy Thanksgiving All!