More About Me

Welcome to My World! Hi, I'm Marlene...I'm not really a Madam, my maiden name is Adam, so together with my first initial, you get Madam. (Madam also was a nickname I had when I was younger)

I'm a Mom of 4 plus 1 Son In-Law, and married to Dan for 35 years.

My Interests are Quilting, Sailboat Racing, Short Distance Running (5K), Needleworks, Photography and Spectating my Children's and Husbands activities.

My Grandma Adam was an avid quilter and I always admired her work. I guess that's what was my real inspiration to learn this craft. I took my first quilting class at the Country Quilt Shop back in 1989 and I've been hooked ever since. I love exploring new techniques like thread painting, sun painting, dying my own fabric, paper piecing, discharging fabric, applique,ect... as well as creating my own quilt designs.

I have had 2 quilts juried into National Quilt Shows and back in High School, I won a Scholastic Gold Key Award for an etching I did, and hope to make it a quilt someday.