Thursday, January 22, 2009

A New Year, A New Outlook, Yes We Can

The phrase Yes We Can, relates to many things. Beth and I are going to embark on new fitness goals, starting with the P90X set of exercise DVDs. I'm sure we will have to modify a few moves. She has been on crutches now for 2 weeks, suffering from her second hip stress fracture from running. Last year she had a stress fracture in her right hip and required 3 screws to stabilize the bone, this new fracture is in the left hip, and is trying to avoid the surgery route again. She had been afraid of gaining weight from not being active, so in an attempt to help, we are going to do this together, so yes we can get fit,tone and slimmer. Today we did body measurements, and weight. No, I'm telling any numbers, but I will report on the losses.