Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Indian Orange Peel

This is my latest project. Karen Stone's Indian Orange Peel. My quilt is all about relative value, and balancing the color. The upper right will be a gray, the fabric that was there had the same value as it's dark below, which needs to be a bit darker. Mary suggested I paint it, so I will experiment with that today. I still am not sure about the center square in the fourth row, I like the fabrics, but there is a bit too much contrast. I have all the remaining arches planned out, and will post more photo's as it progresses.

Happy Valentines Day <3


gerrie said...

Gorgeous color palette and value work. This is something I couldn't or wouldn't do so I admire your work!! Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Deb R said...

What Gerrie said! I detest paper piecing, so I will probably never make one of these quilts, but I sure love seeing the ones other people do and your colors are gorgeous...very warm and spicy!

mary m. said...


This is the most dramatic orange peel I've ever seen! You have such a good eye for value and color...doesn't look like anything needs painting to me.