Friday, March 03, 2006

Bodacious Bloomers with Melody

Thursday, I attended the New Jersey Quilt Fest and took Melody Johnson's workshop Bodacious Bloomers, and a few of my friends were there too! There were several no-shows in the class, the weather was pretty bad. Early in the morning Kathy Hooper called the restaurant in the Marriott, and reserved a table for the whole class for lunch, a great time was had by all. Melody said to let you all know she won't be posting or reading email till she returns from the show.
Carol Singer (right), Mel and Carol's friend Sally(left). Kathy Hooper left for home before we started to take pictures.
Mel and I

My Bodacious Bloomers.


Scrapmaker said...

Nice bloomers, looks like a fun day! Jen

mary m. said...

beautiful bloomers, Marlene! I stopped by yesterday's class thinking you might be there. Wasn't Melody's one-woman show terrific?