Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Kitchen Update

I spent all of last week painting my kitchen, the ceiling included which took the entire gallon of paint over two coats. The soffit was stencilled a nice grape vine with pink and blue flowers on white walls. I really like it but it's been there for over 15 years, I wanted more color.

Here's my new wall color, notice the light? I had Dan install 5 soffit lights. We also replaced the the 2 light fixtures on the ceiling.

The new light fixture that hangs over the kitchen table.

The new yellow wall, there also used to be a blue wavy stencil along the floor molding. I still need another coat of white paint there, I love that blue painters tape.

Since I have retired (quit) from my job as a Swim Lesson Manager just about one year ago, I have repainted 3 bedrooms, one bathroom, the wall below the chair rail in the dining room, the trim in the foyer, it matches the runner better and the kitchen. There as still a few more rooms to repaint, I wonder if Dan would like pink walls in our bedroom?

I took a break from my sewing machine, I think I have a pinched nerve by my right shoulder blade, you know "that" spot when you sew too long? It didn't hurt when I was painting, Advil seems to help, it is much better today.

Thursday - Sunday, I will be chaperoning, (is that a word?) Danielle's high school choir on their trip to Toronto, Canada. They have a wonderful itinerary planned, filled with touring as well as singing. Thursday morning we need to at school by 4:30am :-( I am so not a morning person.


Deb R said...

I LOVE the new kitchen table light fixture!!

Gerrie said...

I am so in to lights in our new house. I love that fixture!! Also, it was time to lose the stenciled vines and flowers!! Don't you love redoing a room?