Friday, November 03, 2006

Marathon Man

On Sunday October 29th, Dan ran his 12th marathon since Philadelphia in November of 2001. This one was held in Washington DC, The Marine Corps Marathon. There were 34,000 entries, his time was 3:40.19 and his finish place was 1790.

It is very emotional watching the pageantry of the military and realizing the sacrifices that made by those who choose to serve our country. In some ways it makes me feel guilty. In my family there have been men who were in the service, but in peaceful times. My grandfather was too young for WWI and too old for WWII, my Dad was in the Army, just at the end of Korea. My brothers were too young for Vietnam, later they both enlisted in the Navy for a few years.

In March of 2001, my son Ben was a senior in high school, he came home from school one day and said his "buddies" were all joining the Marines and wanted to join them. My first response was No, then preceded to tell him I would not let him join. (He was 18 and didn't need my permission) I said to him back in March of 2001, that was world had been at peace for too long, and that I didn't want one of my sons at war. Who would of thought what would happen in September of 2001. All of Ben's buddies were in Iraq, thankfully they are all home now.

There's Dan, going through a water station, waving, bib #8942, with Forrest on his shirt. It's motivation for him, often he hears someone yell "Run Forrest Run"!


Sarah Ann Smith said...

Marlene...we used to live at Const. and 3rd, we always walked to the top of the Hill on the Senate side. A band always played the theme song from Rocky to help the runners get up the Hill, which as you know is deceptively long and torturous.... Awesome for Dan for making it! Still brings a lump to my throat to think of the runners, and how much quiet courage is embodied in those runners, starting with the wheelchair racers, and followed by the "race runners" and then the crowds. I especially remember the folks pushing strollers the entire length of the marathon, often with a disabled child in the jogging stroller.

I miss DC,

Cheers, Sarah

QuiltingFitzy said...


My 19yo "baby girl" is in the Army Reserves AIT training right now. Veterans Day has taken on a totally new meaning for me this year and I'll fly my flag proudly tomorrow in her honor.

Hug Dan for me, what a guy!