Friday, March 02, 2007

Rah Rah Quilt

This year is the cheerleading coaches 25th season as coach. I've been working on this Memory Quilt as a gift for her from the team, (I think it's safe to post this, she doesn't read my blog) it is about 50 inches square. The outer border is all 4 x 6 photos mostly from 1999-2007. The center photos are team group pictures. Danielle and I went to the school library one day after school and photographed the group shots from old yearbooks. We are missing 1993, so if anyone out there graduated from CB West High School in 93, and have a yearbook, can I borrow it? The team shots will be sewn together with various black and yellow or gold (school colors) fabrics. Maybe in squares I'm not quite sure yet. Feel free to offer suggestions.

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