Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

Today's history lesson:
Cinco de Mayo - a party to celebrate freedom and liberty. On May 5, 1862, the Mexican army defeated the French army that was twice their size. This victory kept the French from adding soldiers to Confederates which in turn allowed the North to build a majestic army only to defeat the South at Gettysburg, in essence, ending the Civil War.

So I guess that's why this Karen Stone quilt (link is to EQ)is so colorful. This may look intimidating, but it’s simple paper piecing with a multitude of curves, a few re-drafted arches and mitered piecing. So here’s the challenging part, use only my stash, without repeating a fabric used among each arch.

I like to work organized, (but messy) here's how it begins...I strung yarn horizontally and vertically to make 36 - 12 1/2 inch squares on my wall. This is the size of the unsewn blocks.
Then I started adding the arches I have already sewn, placing them in their location/orientation.
Stay tuned for updates, it's going to be timely project...

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Quilter In Paradise said...

OOHHH Karen Stone! one of my favorites! I have three blocks made, doing black and white -- thanks for sharing!


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