Monday, April 21, 2008

No photos today...

My aching body...Yesterday Dan and I attempted to race (Sailing) in 20mph winds. Needless to say we sailed 2 legs of the course when the winds increased, it was too much for us to handled and we abandoned the race. Later in the day we went back to the lake to cover the boat as we didn't bring the cover up with us earlier. I did my third run for the week there.

My 2 daughter's and I doing a triathlon in July as a relay. My part is the 5k run. I've been in serious training now for 6 weeks. Beth and I are taking a beginning running class, through the Training Zone, building endurance, where the goal at the end of the 12 weeks is to run a 5k. The class ends a month before our race, but instructor is going to give us run work outs to do for the time untill our race. Beth is very competitive. She is pushing me to run 10 minute miles, where right now I'm running about a 13 minute mile. Last summer when I started running I was at a 17 mile pace, which Dan thought was a fast walk and not a "run". The two of them are "athletes", Dan has played ice hockey and has since he was 5, through high school, college, now in a men's league. He also ran 15 marathons since 2001. Beth has been a competitive swimmer since she was 9, and also swam in college, now Masters. She ran one 1/2 marathon , a 5k, and will doing 2 additional triathalon by herself this summer as well as the Broad Street Run and few more 5k's. I was a cheerleader, not much of an athlete yet very active, in high school, so long ago, but it was not like today's cheerleaders with all the tumbling. So running is hard for me, Dan learned that when I wore a heart rate monitor one day when running. Now I'm running about 3 miles, 3x a week. I must admit how good it feels after a run.

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KayR said...

Hi Marlene and Girls and boys too...I think you have been doing great Marlene...I've told lots of people that but I don't think I told you...I thought I'd let you knoe that I walk "JJ" all around our 1 & half acres on State St...All around the double garage and our big house too and I don't have to carry one of those plastic bags either...He gets enough exercise with that strong guy wire your husband put up for "him" "JJ"also...I have been checking in on your Madam Quilter every once in a while...They are beautiful...Our local quilters would love to be able to do half of what you do...See Ya...Gramdma K