Friday, April 13, 2007

Batik and Gelatin Printing

Today our good friend Gail gave us a lesson in Gelatin printing as well a making batiks.

This is a gelatin mold, painted, then texture was added by using a trowel. Then we placed the fabric on top to create an image.

Here we added more texture

This is what it looked liked, FUN!!!

Later we melted Soy Wax in an old electric frying pan, with our Tjaps, one is an elephant the other a gecko.

Here's my yellow fabric all waxed with critters...

The I painted it with an opaque blue paint... This is after it was ironed to remove the wax.

Here on white fabric, I batiked the Elephants and Gecko's, added a few rubber stamp impressions (the blue) and gelatin stamps (the yellow)...

Then I heavily painted it red, knowing it would fade after washing.

Then I decided to paint half of the fabric with blue paint. Here it is, still very wet.

This is Gail's wonderful creation, gelatin printed and batiked.

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