Friday, April 13, 2007

Lancaster Quilt Show

I had the flu 2 weeks ago which really wiped me out. I spent 4 days in bed, I was just too tired to do anything. It took a good 2 weeks to feel good again. Next year I will get a flu shot.

Thursday I met up with some friends at the Quilters Heritage Celebration in Lancaster, PA. Here are a few of my photos.
"Red Poppies" by Sue Holdaway-Heys

"Gone Fishin" by Kathy McNeil

"Ocean Grove" by Mary Manahan

"Meadowlark Morning" by Shelly Burge

" Carousel Capers" by Shirley P. Kelly

"Wow That's Orange" by Ann Fahl

"On My Way to the Market" by Sherry Shine

"Meet Me at the Market" by Sherry Shine

"Original Bargello" by Carol Taylor

"Heartsong" by Elsie Vredenberg

"Circle" by Marilyn Bedford

"Through Tuscany" by Cynthia England
"The Organic Garden" by Sue Reno
"Royal Paulownia" by Sue Reno
My Quilt, "Stellation".

Well I think I have them all labeled correctly by artist.

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