Tuesday, December 06, 2005

December...19 Days till Christmas

I have for the past 6 years or so been involved with our summer swim team working the scoring table...3 of my children swam/swim year round...I have always stayed away from working the "table" in the winter just because, I need a break, let someone else do it, ect... well, Monday was the start of the high school swim season. The girls coach also coaches a summer team we compete against. We arrived at the pool a bit early yesterday, then I hear my name being called, the coach wanted me to train on using the electronic timing for the meet because they needed another person. Our school district now has 3 high schools, there are 2 pools, each school has a girls & boys team, some meets are on the same day, the same women who "work" the table do it for both pools. So with much hesitation I did it. I guess I'm willing to fill in when there are conflicts but I don't think I want to do it all the time even though it is a paying job. Danielle had a good day, she is a good swimmer, she adds depth to the team. Her 200 Medley Relay finished 3rd, she had 2 - 4th place finishes in 200 IM and 100 Back and 4th in the 400 Free Relay.


I always mail about 80-100 Christmas cards each year with a photo of the children enclosed. This year I'm also going to mail a few "postcards" to family and good friends. I came up with 5 designs to use, maybe changing the fabric choices to make them all unique.

This is the photo of the kids, it didn't photograph very well, the photo transfer has a bit of a glare from the flash.

Holly Bell...

Candle with Holly leaves...

Whimsical Angel...

Yummy Candy Canes.

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I love the whimisical angel the most!