Friday, December 16, 2005

Tis the Season for Sharing

Nothing new here...just wanted to share some past treasures, I will need to re-photograph these for my up-coming web site...the first one is "Midnight Sunshine" , design by Jane Franke.

This is "untitled", actually it's the only quilt I never gave a name to and I don't know why. I made this for Luke, when he was in college, it hung in his off campus apartment.

This is "Basket Case". It is my completed project from an Ellen Ann Eddy workshop. The leaves and flowers are thread painted, the basket is hand dyed cheese cloth that I wove to look like a basket. It is quilted with pink sliver.

Below is "Well Red", as you see it is not yet quilted...(in the UFO pile) Also, design by Jane Franke. This is the same design as in "Midnight Sunshine", just differnt colors.

This is my mom Joan, standing by a Christmas gift I made for them a few years ago, "Memories". It is a collection of many photos of our whole family, for them to enjoy.


mary m. said...


Are you doing your own website? Will our "Round Robin" quilt(s) be on it?

I don't believe I've seen these, except the one done in the Jane Franke class. Your Ellen
Ann Eddy-style quilt is beautiful!

Marlene said...

Yes, to the website, I asked Luke to help me put it together, and I will post my round robin quilt with the names of those who help create it of course!

Thanks, I like Ellen Anne Eddy one too.

Opps, I should have mentioned that it was Jane Frankes design, I'll make that change. Thanks Mary.

Samantha said...

Wow, I really love your "untitled" and "well red" pieces! I'm your new neighbor on the Quilter's Lounge ring, BTW! Nice to meet you...