Friday, July 04, 2008


Yesterday afternoon, we heard an explosion and saw plumes of black smoke at our house which turned out to be an exploding propane tank that heated the adult pool of the swim club we used to belong to, the previous 18 years. Danielle is a lifeguard there, thankfully she had the day off. No was injured in the 2 alarm fire.
The building on the right, behind the 4 lane adult pool, is the one that burned.


Helen Conway said...

Can't find an email for you Marlene so will have to respond to your comment on my blog here - no specific deadline but I'd say do it asap so that you don't spend to much time plannind in your head! I started mine last night and amazed myself in just 25 mins - will finish it this weekend and show it. I'll be happy to show of your result too when it is ready.
Queen Helen

The Quilting Pirate said...

How scary! Was the pool open when the explosion happened??