Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sail Sisters

This past weekend was the Thistle Great Lakes Championship held at the Seneca Yacht Club in Geneva, NY. Dan sailed with Ben and Beth in this regatta. This is not our boat, just a random photo I took of the boats sailing downwind.
The photo below is a mark rounding, there were 63 boats at this regatta.
There has been longstanding shenanigans at regattas between Dan and his friend Bill that has been going on for well over 25 years. With stunts such as putting a boat in the swimming pool overnight, tossing a few spare items of hardware in the bottom of the boat to make you worry if something broke, moving port-a-johns, plastic wrapping a boat, the list goes on and it is truly just for fun. Well we did not camp at the regatta, so to protect the boat, Dan pad locked the cover to the boat trailer as well as strung a bike lock through the wheels so the boat trailer could not be moved. As the news spread of what he did, one thing we did not count on, was Bill put a lock on top of our locks. It was truly very funny.
On Sunday Carol Soderlund invited me and my friend Delia to her house and we had a personal quilt show of her many masterpieces as well as a house and studio tour. Carol's husband sails Thistles too. Carol does not race, but told us the boat is really hers because it was picked it up on a Mothers Day. After the racing was over my brother and his wife who live in Rochester, drove to Geneva to have lunch and visit with us at the club.

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