Monday, July 14, 2008

Tri-ing Day

Sunday, July we are showing our body marks. They wrote our number on both arms, both hands and our ages on our right calf with an R on the left , for Relay, with a permanent black marker.Here we are before the race start. Each wearing our "own hat", Danielle was doing the bike leg, Beth the swim, and I am running.
After the race, all finishers receive medals. I ran my fastest 5k so far, 37:56, Danielle's bike time for 17 miles was 1:00.27, and Beth's swim time for 700 yards was 10:25. We would have finished 8th of the 14 relays.


The Quilting Pirate said...

How neat that you all share a part of the triathlon!

Looks like you all did great! Congrats!!

KayR said...

Hi Girls, I enjoyed all the pictures...Sounds like you all had a great time but maybe tired like you said...I am not going to write about them all tho...Just to let you know I follow the Madam Quilter some of the time...Have fun...MOM