Monday, October 24, 2005

Friday Night Lights...Swim...Bankrupt!

It's Friday Night...Are you ready for some Football! Well the Cheerleaders had fun in the rain. Our team lost by the way. The previous rainy night a few went "mud sliding" on the field after the game, oh what fun.

Saturday we went to other daughters college swim meet. The team lost but she had a personal best time for this time of year, in one of her events. So it was a good day. I see a losing trend here.

Saturday night, a tense game of Monopoly...We play where all "fees" go to Free Parking and if you land there you win the money. Well after hours of play, needless to say no one had won that money till Danielle did. She did us in by putting up Hotels on Boardwalk and Park Place, $2000 if you land there...Ouch. That did me in, then Dan landed on Chance...Advance to Boardwalk...He tried to pay it off by mortgaging all his properties without luck. So the "little one" wins.

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