Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Yesterday along with Mary I attended Rayna's workshop "Jump Start your Next Quilt" at the Quilt Connection in New Jersey. WOW, was is great! A little bit of pressure to create in short amounts of time but it really helps gets your creative ideas flowing.

I need to finish a few pieces I created and will post them later. What a morning...well I guess it started last night. Danielle arrives home after cheerleading practice, said she hurt her right hand doing a round-off-back-handspring. Well, it was a bit swollen, I gave her 2 Advil wrapped it with an ace bandage sent her to bed. This morning she had to take the bus to school, her car has manual transmission, she sends me a text message"Mom I got on the wrong bus" I figured she must be either hurting or Blonde! So I had to get dressed, drive to the wrong school, pick her up, then we decided to make a stop at the local hospital ER, sure enough her middle finger was broken. They splinted it, the middle finger no less, off to school she went. I hope she a good day.

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Rayna said...

Hey, Marlene - nice picture! I'll e-mail you one of you if you'll e-mail me this one. And I want to see what you end up doing with all those pieces you started.

Hope your daughter manages with the broken finger. Never a dull moment, is there?